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Do you know where Your Time is going?
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What is TagTime?

Tagtime is a stochastic time tracker. It uses math and statistics to build up a very accurate picture of your days by simply asking you occasionally what you are doing during the day.

Many of us have had the painful experience of trying to track our time using timesheets or time trackers. The discipline involved makes it very hard to keep up and trying to recall what we had done at 11:03 last weekend is sometimes really hard.

TagTime, on the other hand, is fun and effortless to use. It pings you - there's no discipline involved and it's easy to do!

  • - Uses scientifically valid techniques that yield highly accurate insights into where exactly your time is going
  • - Extremely easy and effortless to use
  • - Synchronizes seamlessly across multiple devices and locations

Easy to Use

Using TagTime can be an enjoyable and even addictive activity. Many TagTime users have years of data they use to accurately see how their lives are trending and gain invaluable insights in driving themselves to be whatever they want to.

Phenomenally Accurate

TagTime uses 💖 Science 💖 to deliver an accurate view of your time spent. Getting accurate data is the key to any improvement - and you don't need to worry about your memory, discipline, and biases.

Seamless Synchronization

TagTime uses the Kappa Architecture to ensure seamless synchronization across all your devices and locations. Answer a ping in your office and it shows up at home and everywhere else!

Universal Ping

When working in a team, TagTime will ping everyone in unision. Many users find this to be a fun, team-bonding, experience. The universal ping also means all your devices will ping you at the same time allowing you to just use the nearest one!

When you install TagTime it will show up as an unobtrusive Tray Icon in your computer that is always running in the background. Occasionally, it will 'ping' you to check what you are doing. (See the "Ping View" to check what that looks like).

When TagTime pings you, you can simply let it know what you are doing, who you are with, where you are, and how you are feeling. With a few clicks (or if you prefer you can use the keyboard) you can simply "tag" what you are upto and be back to your work in a few seconds.

You can easily create new tags simply by typing them in. However, if you want to reorganize your tags - categorize them, rename them, or delete them, you can use the built-in Tag Editor.

Many people like keeping track of their Most Important Tasks. Simply click the heading of the task box to add and change your important tasks for the day. Leave a space between each line to create a new task and use # to associate tags.

This is a sample daily report - you will see your projects, your activities, the people you were with, your locations, and your energy levels. The daily report is free and only if you want more advanced reports will you require a paid subscription.